IF Baines V IF Milner

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I wonder who is better?

I have Milners 1st IF and obviously looking to upgrade as his IF was a very solid card a probably the best LB in the PL despite his pace and right foot. His SIF looks great and will likely be a good pick up at 60k soon.

Although I'm tempted to try something different and go for Baines. I was not impressed with his NIF as I found him quite week but can imagine this is improved with his IF.

Who is better do you think?

Not intended to cause a war of the Scousers here either.


  • MaddMike3711
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    I haven't used either personally but came up against Milner a couple times last night, my SBC Willian blew past him like he wasn't even there. :D
    I've not come up against Baines yet though, so not sure on him.
  • Everton1878
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    Baines is brilliant for me, though in somewhat biased and thought his NIF was good too...
  • Izzy2K17
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    I'm about to get SIF Milner so I can let you know how he is, probably gonna add shadow to him to boost pace a little. I used his IF on loan and he was pretty solid already so hopefully this one is good.
  • Rutta
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    Yes Milners pace can be a weakness but I think his strength and positional sense makes up for it. As mentioned above he will most likely struggle against players like IF Willian who seems one of a kind anyways and not likely to be matched up against that often.

    I like the idea of Baines's crossing though as I'm sure it's great.

    Looks like Milner is better at defence and Baines attacking play.
  • McRaven
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    I've got Baines. He's good to great. He's not that tall and not that strong, but he makes up for it with his interceptions, positioning and passing in my opinion. He's fast enough for most players with an anchor card.
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