Computer influence on results

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It does'nt matter how you play in some games the ai will have its say!! Discuss


  • Gonnie
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    The more games you play in weekend league the more obvious the faults in the game become. is it worth playing for the ai to decide you aint winning?
  • Tripledoubleyoo
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    Heretic! EA will have you burned to the stake for uttering such words!

    But yeah it's quite obvious they want everybody to win a game once in a while.
  • BigRom5
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    At the beginning off fifa I was playing weekend league and I was averaging 12-17 wins. I did notice these faults but I've learned how to play the game better I feel and now I've just got 27 wins for the first time. I think if you be patient and try different styles of play you can overcome it. It's took me to now to find what type of team I like and I feel I'm getting stronger each week.
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