The FA Cup 2016/17

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Anyone up for the cup? or going to a game this weekend?
Fans of the big clubs how much do you care about the Fa Cup these days?
Its still a big day in the football calendar for me but i wouldn't be surprised if eventually it went to midweek games and replays scrapped
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  • WFCBagnall
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    No. Got knocked out first round :mrgreen: :joy:
  • MichaelLeeds75
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    My home team Northampton got beat by Stourbridge in Round 2. But my team Leeds might slip up at Cambridge on Monday. Just like they did a few years ago
  • Daveofwales01
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    Still love it as much as it's marginalised now, still remember getting up on final day and watching the whole day unfold with special shows and the route to the final
  • DickyBird88
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    I love the FA Cup
  • Quinn87
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    Not a fan of domestic cups... Especially this year, the premire league has been brilliant this year I think.

    Same with England games, I just want it over and done with asap so I can get back to watching the PL.
  • MichaelLeeds75
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    Prefer rounds 1 and 2. Watching the hard work that non league teams have put in to get to that stage. Round 3 is ok but better if low teams have drawn a high opponent
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