Differences in OVR calculation between Fifas 16 and 17.

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There is a different type of bonus to OVR for Fifa 17 than the International Reputation that people are currently familiar with. In fact, IR only has a shelf life of Fifas 12 through to 16. It didn't affect the OVR in Fifa 11 and back, and it doesn't affect the OVR in Fifa 17. Both types of bonus have the effect of boosting players higher than their Base OVR, but are applied differently.

Every Fifa game has coefficients programmed in to determine a players OVR rating. The coefficients on their own determine a player's Base OVR, it's basically a weighted average of certain individual attributes relevant to that position. Since Fifa 08 this has been rounded off to the nearest whole number, with (x.50 rounding up).

International Reputation only affected the OVR rating of players with a 3* IR, 4*IR and 5* IR. It was an active, yet hidden stat in Fifas 12 through to 16. Identified within the old Creation Centre, tests in CC correlated perfectly with otherwise unexplained boosts on certain players in the actual game.

If the player had 1 or 2 IR, they got no bonus at any point. Only the coefficients determined their Base OVR and that was that.
With an IR of 3, if the coefficients determined their base OVR as between 1 and 49, they'd get no bonus. 50 or more, and they'd get an additional boost of 1.
With an IR of 4, a base OVR of between 1 and 33 would yield no bonus. Between 34 and 66 they'd get 1, 67 or above would get 2.
With an IR of 5, a base OVR of between 1 and 24 would get no bonus, 25-49 would get 1, 50-74 got 2 and 75+ got 3.

This works cross-positionally, for example a 5 IR player with (among his positions - a base OVR of) 90 ST, 73 CM, 46 CB and 17 GK would get +3 for ST, +2 for CM, +1 for CB and no bonus to his GK rating. The game would spit out 93 ,75 ,47 and 17 for these positions.

A player cannot exceed a rating of 99 OVR, even if his base OVR plus IR bonus would exceed this total.

Now, in Fifa 17, irrespective of their IR, (I've checked and there is no correlation whatsoever) most (but NOT ALL) real-life players within the ENTIRE database have at least a starter bonus of 1. Players created in Edit Player have no bonus (which gave me a baseline to work from). I have found players with starter bonuses of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Luis Suarez is the most prominent example with a 4. This starter bonus a player has is active, with full effect, regardless of the base OVR.

To see this bonus in action, go into Edit Mode and scale a player's attributes back so they have the minimum of 1 in all their attributes (or the relevant ones if you're testing one position only). A player with no bonus will have the expected 1 OVR (it's not zero simply because the individual attributes aren't). A player with bonus of 1 will yield an OVR of 2, a bonus of 2 will get 3 OVR, a bonus of 3 will get 4 OVR and a bonus of 4 will get 5 OVR.

This works cross-positionally with all players, for example the REAL Suarez is 4 OVR higher for EVERY POSITION than, a CREATED player with Suarez's attributes would get for the same positions.

Like with the old IR system, players cannot exceed 99 OVR.

Anybody wondering why Messi is 93 and not 94 - his natural position's base OVR is 91 in both Fifas 16 and 17, so this would yield a +3 in Fifa 16 (achieving a 94) but he has only been given a flat bonus of 2 in Fifa 17 by EA, which means his preferred position only moves on to 93.

If we had 3 perfectly working OVR calculators, the first covering Fifas 12-15 (One set of coefficients was used for these 4 Fifas plus the IR bonus was used), the second for Fifa 16 (Different coefficients and IR was used) and the third for Fifa 17 (same coefficients as Fifa 16 but the new Bonus is applied);

The first calculator and the second calculator would likely come up with different Base OVRs, meaning different OVRs when IR is then applied.

The second calculator and the third calculator would come up with the same Base OVR but you'd use the IR bonus for the second, and the Starter Bonus for the third, which would then give different results.

The first calculator and the third calculator would come up with different Base OVRs and the different types of bonuses (IR for the first, Starter Bonus for the third) would diverge them even further.


  • This is very interesting to me. Good work on the research. This actually helped me track down the field in the database that is controlling this boost.

    For all I can tell, it is just an artificial boost to rank some players higher than others despite a lack of stats to backup the rating.

    PS - I run fifarosters.com
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