WL Lower Div

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Based on all the pre-qualified players that enjoy the Knock-out tourney's, but block others from getting into WL, EA could make a change that would benefit the whole community.

Why not have a lower div weekend league. Like the EPL, and the EPL(Champions). The rewards would be less in the champions div, but at least another chunk of the community would be able to play WL. You could even throw in relegation and promotion between the div's.

Those that reach a final of the knock-out tourney earn placement in the Champions league tourney. That way the runner up still qualifies for the lower-div tourney, and those who have already Qualified and like to continue playing Knock-outs won't keep the runner up for getting in a WL. Those that don't reach a final would be out of luck.

Just an idea, no need for hate! Just a thought that might add to the FIFA experience for another section of the community.

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