anyone used IF Verrati?

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how is he? Better than iniesta as CM?


  • Denisianes
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    He is really bad. Forcing myself to use him now, cause he is one of my POTM Ibra investments.
  • Neal1982
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    Used in a Ligue 1 team, was awful for ages then suddenly clicked, played at CM in 433/2 with no CTs or instructions.
    When he clicked he started scoring loads of goals and build up play like a god.

    Stamina was appaling!
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    I used him for a long time just because I had an Italian team - I just switched it to a Serie A team this week and replaced him with Nainggolan.

    He was ok but Marchisio and IF Bonaventura were better than him in the midfield.
  • Buffson
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    he is nice in my PSG team (most special card)
  • TheBigLebowski
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    for his W R and his price I assumed he was really good, I'll buy him to see
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