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AI transfer broken

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Issue Summary: AI transfer targets in the same position every season (ex. Man. U. buying 10+ world class strikers)
Issue Details:

For many teams, the AI will continue purchasing players at the same position season after season. The most egregious example is Manchester United purchasing expensive strikers every single transfer window, which results in them having 10 top strikers, most of which hardly play. Another example I've heard about is Juventus with full backs, but I imagine this happens to some extent with a number of teams.

It seems that positional transfer targets are hard coded in some way so that the AI doesn't adapt to changes in squad depth. With Manchester United, the AI "thinks" every season that it needs a top striker, despite the quality players it already has.

From what I've seen on forums, this is an issue in career mode in general, regardless of console.

Please fix this EA. The way AI transfers are right now. The teams become totally warped after a few seasons due to illogical and absurd transfers, which pretty much kills any sense of immersion.

Game Mode: Career Mode
Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One / PS4 / PS3/PC): PC (bug exists for all consoles to my knowledge)
Region: US
Gamertag/PSN ID/Origin ID (please state which one): RussianOrphan7 (Origin ID)
Date & Time (Please include timezone): 01/05/2017 8 PM
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  • This just happens. For example Man U bought Kane and Lukaku in the first transfer window. In the next one, they bought Dybala and Abuameyang. On the other hand my team (Man city in player career mode CDM) sold Aguero to Barcelona and then transfer listed Iheanacho. This is ridiculous. Man U is 8th in the Prem and has f'd over Spurs and Everton buying their world class strickers. Do something God dmn!
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