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IF Aubamayang

549 posts Sunday League Hero
Does anybody know what he last sold for or how to check? There's very few on the market and not sure what hes worth. Thanks.


  • Jackets20
    1190 posts Professional
    Futbin, I think he was around 900k
  • Hullock04321
    549 posts Sunday League Hero
    There's one up for 876, would you/anybody else recommend paying it?
  • Ishibum
    13148 posts Has That Special Something
    Only faced him once...I was shown a good ol' time (5 goals if I mind right :lol: )
  • rapleton
    1385 posts Play-Off Hero
    I would not , does feel anywhere near as fast as the stats suggest, poor dribbling and not very strong, also 3* skills. OTW Embolo was far better as a striker for me
  • Hullock04321
    549 posts Sunday League Hero
    Auba has always been good against me but never used him myself.
  • Hullock04321
    549 posts Sunday League Hero
    He'd be playing up front with IF Embolo. Would TOTGS Lewandowski work better? Has anybody used him?
  • Eric the eel
    506 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I didn't rate him when using him. But I do like my ST's to have 4* skills
  • Gorda
    3447 posts National Call-Up
    I use untradable if aubamayang and normal Ibra and Ibra is better. Dont think If aubamayang is worth that much, he is good but you can definitly get better players for the coins.
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