POTM Pogba?

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According to whoscored the highest rated players for December are:

Pogba 8.3
Eriksen 8.2
Hazard 8.2
Sanchez 8.1
Walker 7.9
Ibra 7.8
Alli 7.8

Previous highest rated players:
Aug- Sterling
Sept - Son
Oct - Hazard
Nov - Hazard (Costa in 2nd by 0.1)

So, Pogba the favorite with an outside shot for Eriksen?



  • coatsy
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    Ibra will win imo
  • Pikachu
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    coatsy2008 wrote: »
    Ibra will win imo
  • YouWantUsFC
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    Pogba has 4 motm from BBC but actual EPL gave Zlatan one of his MOTM so it is honestly hard to say.
    For example, statisitically, Milner was just as valuable to Liverpool in December as Lallana, but was not mentioned at all.
    I actually want it to be Zlatan, but Im trying to be objective too, and I just think his goals, age and consistency all of December will get him it.
    Pogba was not great start of month, Ibra been great every game and was robbed of a goal too.
  • DarthGrowler
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    I think this will be closer than people think
  • MushyP15
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    Pogba could steal it.

    No chance Eriksen IMO.
  • DaveSaves
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    No! Don't make a better card than my super new special one already :(

    Zlatan will win.
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