Is NIF Manolas a mainstay?

I want to build a team that requires a Roma strong link at CB.

Manolas looks ridiculous defensively, but his passing and general ball play stats on paper seem like a nightmare.

Is the NIF competitive for WL and divs?


  • toonbalmy
    1671 posts Play-Off Hero
    I like manolas a lot always around the ball gets back because of his pace
  • Cadey 5
    10373 posts Has That Special Something
    Used hs NIF next to Bobby Moore great pair got 24-26-29 wins in WL with them if thats cased as competitive.
  • B16Lad
    522 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yes, I use him in WL and he doesn't let me down. Helps that he links to some very good defenders, so he's always in a good back 4
  • AlexSolm
    8153 posts League Winner
    Definitely, his stats suggest he's easily one of the top 10 CB's in the game
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