Auba or Lacazette or Griez or Dyba?

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I'm looking to spend up to 300k on a ST and I reckon one of the above should do a good job.. They're all going to be the Non Inform version apart from Lacazette who's IF is cheap enough. .

Any tried 2 or 3 of the above and have a preference or opinion on which is most lethal in front of goal?


  • PureFramez
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    Dybala for sure
  • ha032742
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    IF Laca for me...unstoppable in WL so far. Griez a close second. I have all of them so given them all a fair go.
  • dregana08
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    I've used them all except Auba... and I use Griez + Laca in the same team. I would say Dybala is the biggest game changer.
  • randomhero1090
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    IF Laca for sure.
  • legend6199
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    How about aguero compared to dybala and griezman?
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    IF Laca > Dybala >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Griez

    from the ones I've used

    not used Auba but rarely struggle against him, well I used his loan card and wasn't impressed
  • BiigDee
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    I have Griez an IF Lacca up top. If you got a good cam to put it there for them they will bury them. I had dybala when I first started and he was decent too with Aguero up top but didn't get on with Aguero.
  • Jason1986
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    Dybala was a major disappointment for me when I used him. Not used the others yet, but I wouldn't ever recommend Dybala.
  • Cguti9
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    legend6199 wrote: »
    How about aguero compared to dybala and griezman?

    Aguero is great, clinical finisher.
    I've used both, I recommend you Aguero ;)
  • indcolts18288
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    Lacazette is really good but Griezmann is on another level than all those guys. Then Aguero is on his own level.
  • hayhor1
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    If you cross at all I would go with auba
  • Baznotsobad76
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    I don't really cross much and Aguero is beyond my 300k limit..... So it would seem that Lacazette is the one to try first.... Cheers all..
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