Add Intentional Foul and slides tackling the Goal Keeper in Offline mode.

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Back in Fifa 98, we could push the opponents in a violently by pressing Q.

We could slide tackle or Push the goal keeper when GK is holding the ball.

I know its not appropriate for online modes. But could you please bring it back in offline modes, atleast in Kick Off mode? Maybe havin the ability to disable them like Hand balls will be much better since sime players don't like that.

But I want it back. These will atleast bring back the fun. I don't want gameplay elites to come and and preach me that doing those fun stuff is bad/useless/ not important for gameplay/ only for kids bla bla. Yes I am a kid but I'm a consumer too. And I want to have some fun when I want to.

Back in Fifa 98-2002, it was fun kiciing GK's arse.
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