Well, that's me convinced.

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Story time, a close friend of mine came over to my house this week and decided to bring the XboxOne he had gotten for Christmas as FIFA was downloading at a slow pace at his own place (not that it went much faster with my internet).

So when FIFA was finally ready, we hopped on UT to set up the club as you do. He loaded up some FP (think he got MSP for Xmas) with the plan to spend it all on drafts as that gives you more bang for your buck. Won the first round easily enough, in the second round he was 3-0 down at HT and handed me the controller. Brought it back to 3-2, conceded a longshot, scored for 4-3 then got caught on the counter going all out attack in the 90th, ended 5-3. For losing the second round of the draft he received:

- 7.5k Pack
- 5k Pack
- Silver Players Pack

Before he opened the 7.5k pack I stated: "I've read theories online that new accounts get better pack luck."
He was looking at his phone when he opened the pack, I saw the pause and told him it was a walkout; huge flair, Argentinian, RW.. Di Maria? No, Lionel Messi. In a 7.5k pack, his first pack of FIFA 17. Whaddaya thinka that?


  • cool story bruh
  • Thierry-VavaVoom
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    Yeah I would agree. I had to set up a new account after moving from ps3 and my pack luck has been immense.
  • RandomLhama83
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    its just luck, there no conspiracy. And him looking down on his phone tells you he wasn't really expecting anything and that seems to be the only time iv ever packed anything in UT. when you least least expect it. Dani alves Walkout my most recent pull that I didn't expect.
  • TheCombatWeasel
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    In argument of the actual point, I've just moved from Xbox to PS4 this FIFA and opened a fair few packs and the best player I've unpacked is Hamsik
  • apic01
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    Another 'theory' I have is a friend of mine this year decided to buy the deluxe edition with the free packs every week. And his pack luck has been ridiculous considering he never puts points on and only does sbc packs and his free packs. Off the top of my head I can remember
    Mov ibra
    IF luiz.

    He also got all of them at around 4am UK time when he wakes up for work as he is convinced packs are better early in the morning and I'd agree judging by that!!
  • CaTriEm
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    I've always thought the "new account - good packs" theory was dubious at best, but there's something unbelievably compelling about seeing someone pack Messi in a 7.5k pack which just so happens to be their first pack of FIFA 17.
    joe666 wrote: »
    And him looking down on his phone tells you he wasn't really expecting anything

    Not sure how that's relevant, he's one of those people who doesn't put it down. He also knows well enough to not expect anything from a 7.5k pack.
  • Frankenberry
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    Well aware, thread title isn't entirely true but y'know wanted something clickbait-y without going "MESSI IN A 7.5K WTFFF"

    It's not necessarily that I'm entirely convinced, it's just that I can never dismiss the theory ever again.
  • TheMagicMan
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    Same happened with me a few years back, i smashed the last so many UT's on FIFA. My brother gets an xbox and FIFA for the first time in years, in one of his first packs pulled a TOTW Julio Cesar who was going for so many 100's of K at the time.

    However, i do think it is just coincedence and completely random as i pulled Veron at the start of the game this year and couldn't pull my own p1sser in the last few years with my pack luck
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