IF Thiago Silva : useless ?

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edited December 2016
Hello guys,

So, I was hyped up seeing we get an IF Thiago Silva and that he's already below 190k 160k. But when looking at his IGS, I feel there's no point in buying his IF compared to his NIF :
- the improvement in DRI, PAS and SHO is cool but not necessary (and it's already more than decent for a CB on his NIF)
- The improvement in PAC is like none (only +1 sprint makes no difference)
- The improvement in DEF is like none if you use Anchor on him.
- So the only "cool" thing is the +4 Strength, +3 Stamina and +3 Aggression (jumping is irrelevent if you use Anchor as he's already 90+).

What do you guys think ? I don't feel like this little improvement in physical stats are worth it...


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