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"Network Timeout" Server error message

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Over the Christmas peroid, and since the update, I'm constantly being disconnected due to servers being unavailable and the Network Timeout message appearing. And it's not just me, as a league we are losing 10-20 turns a tournament between various players. I've noticed it's also happening to opposition we are playing. Is anything being done to resolve the issue? It's so annoying!


  • I'm starting to get it this morning with any season or attack mode game - network error after game making me forfit - bit off a joke as it seems this as been going on for sometime
  • Eu também estou tendo o mesmo problema no brazil
  • Guys, EA... Attack Mode presents disconection message after a game. When The message didn t appears and the game is fineshed, When i leave and enter Fifa Mobile it shows me that a was disconected and loose the points.

    Started here in Brazil days before New year.
    Please fix that sooner possible.

  • peyz
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    It's been the same for all my league members too.

    and it's been going on since 3 days ago.
    Today, more glitches. You play the live event and reach the target (goals or whatever the aim is) and then it say "LOSS" and wont give you the bl00dy token!!!!!

    I know ea has a tradition of horrible updates and maintenance glitches during the years. But this latest one is C.A.T.A.S.T.R.O.P.H.I.C.

  • Penalty1959
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    Hi, I also have been problems to play the attack mode, season, league and tournament with FIFA Mobile since three days. On Twitter EA notes that the team is working to find the root for these problems and to fix them. We have to be patient. It is really annoying that you can nothing do than play the live events and sometimes they are also faulty. Let's wait and see the next days what will happen. Kind regards ... Gregor
  • Anuragk
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    Same here :'(
  • Yes, me to. When I played attack mode and at the end of the match I wouldn't be able to proceed further and it asked me to retry. Sometime after retry i was asked for retry again, sometime it displayed no internet connection error.

    Obviously I do have connection.
  • peyz
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    What needs to be done is they must use a POP-UP notice at the beginning of the game, when we log-in, to let us know if something's wrong or there's a glitch or ... going on.

    Any sort of notification would make a world of difference.
    And it's really not that hard to build/write one in at the log-in stage
  • peyz
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    is this some sick demented ploy to get more twitter followers by prolonging this freaking maintenance ???
  • FeGuilger
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    Guys, it shows normal now here in Brazil.

    Tks EA.
  • Still not working in Canada
  • Vgp
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    Fifa 17 is having the worst technical team I guess. too frequently disconnects from game mode.
    Total waste of playing this game.
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