No Sturaro or Rugani?

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Sorry if it's been asked for the Marquee Matchups, what gives? Don't feel like splashing out for the big boys.


  • Sercs
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    Such limited options I guess, shame. Have the whole team except for one Italy juve player
  • DaveSaves
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    Normally discarded and now everyone wants them so they are extinct.

    With big players for a SBC, I can understand EA not caring that he'd be 10k if it was to complete the Buffon one or something. But for match ups, whats the point? Just make it any Juve player.
  • mjs4p
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    Yeah, agree this is dumb. I did manage to snipe a Sturaro for 10k last night, but it's ridiculous it has come to that.
  • Dami_076
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    I just bought sturaro for 10k when I saw he was going extinct
  • TonyPicasso
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    Yeah not worth the reward imo, oh well. Thanks gents
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