Anyone's game freezing / crashing when searching for a game? (Xbox One)

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In Ultimate Team it freezes for a few seconds and then crash and kicks me back to the Xbox Home screen when:
-searching for an opponent in online single matches
-searching for an opponent in online seasons
-on the FUT champs screen when pressing A to take you to the Daily Cup
-when pressing A to confirm difficulty in the TOTW challenge

Playing a Kick Off game from the main menu works fine.


Also, not sure if it's relevant to the issue above but I have this guy (Conor McGrandles) in my club. On the console he looks like this (when clicking in the right stick to see Player Details he has the information of Jamal Blackman)


Typing in "McGra" in the search box on the transfer market only show "Brent McGrath" and "Jamie McGrath", no "Conor McGrandles"


On the web app he looks like this (as he should)


And when typing in "McGra" in the search box he shows up


Guessing my game is broken.

@Rob send halp


  • Rick
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    Signed in on another account and none of the issues above are present. I can find games, McGrandles show up when searching, with the right name and stats and all.

    Something is wrong with my account it seems.

    Maybe something you could pass on to the appropriate people, @Rob? :)
  • Rick
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    Keep bumping my own thread but I found out how to fix it.

    Delete saved cloud data.
  • fetchitfudge
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    that sounds great... where is this saved cloud data?

    I think I have the same problem as you... I'm unable to load a game of FUT ... every time I try, it crashes and takes me back to the xbox screen. I've tried loads of troubleshooting.

    I think I've even tried your solution here, but if I haven't I'd like to know how you did it!

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