[VIDEO] Amazing LAG on FUT Champions games

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When I was playing FUT champions this weekend in many games, maybe 1 of 5 games y have a big lag that made game unplayable......

It started when the game freeze like 2 seconds and then it started moving very fast! Like if the speed was 10x.......

My internet connection es really good and I think it's not the problem.....

Here is an example

Have been playing FIFA online since FIFA 08 an this is the first time this happen to me..... Its very frustrating playing in that way,.... I'm seriously considering not buying FIFA 18, I think it's enough FIFA for me..... handicap, delay, rebounds, musa, park the bus (OP for noob= more $ for EA), stupid goalkeepers, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ penalties that when your gk guess the ball he doesn't do anything, people who avoid 2013 founders or older, wasting time with LT/L2in the corner, automatic defence (EA do it in this way for noobs= more money $$$), and many other things.....

I have read this forum and when people come here to complain about the game, people just defend EA!! Lol

I got Gold 1, and because of the lag y didn't got Elite 3 or 2


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