Considering a switch, question!

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Hey guys,

having received an Xbox One S for Christmas, I am inevitably presented with the question whether or not to switch to Xbox next year, FIFA wise. This year the boat has sailed, as I'm not going to leave 4m coins sitting there and start a new account.

However, for next year, I may do it. Are legends generally overpriced and useless? Obviously then linking to everyone is a nice touch. How is the competition?

I guess the main selling point is legends, and I'm not sure if they're worth it.

Thanks in advance for your help guys!


  • DaveSaves
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    Cheap legends aren't worth it.

    Top legends are brilliant.
  • Xaini29
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    xbox one overall is very much worth it over PS4, i switched and everything is better at xbox
  • Guillotine_Mack
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    One legend is worth it and that's Del Piero.
    The rest are gash.
  • Falafelmonster
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    Xbox is definitely the platform to play FIFA imo...

    1. Legends (especially high end ones) are worth it, both in level of play and the fun you get out of playing with these kinda guys on your team.
    2. Prices are cheaper
    3. I feel like the competition is better on Xbox (but this is my own opinion, can't really give evidence or anything)

  • Thockey47(2)
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    switched over towards the end of 15, very much worth it, and middle-range + legends are very good. Switch was worth it, felt FIfa played better on the box.
  • sinasipahioglu7
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    I picked up xbox back in 2014 because of how its controller feels way more comfortable than the other weird shaped ps4 one and also the competition is way more solid
  • Fab
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    i switched over two this year the legends are worth the switch itself pure class.
    The game play well don't know about that as all i get is lag and that is with 200mg connection but that's just fifa i guess, because battlefield plays class i find there are a lot off better players on x box as-well keep getting beat but that's part of the fun
  • Adrian095
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    Fab wrote: »

    Potential SNAKKKKKKKEEE!!!!!
  • Bob_Dylan
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    **** off
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