the whole top 100 in coins earned from matches are cheating this game

the player at the top of this list yoshilola9 I played this guy the other day in fut draft, he runs to his own goal line from the centre spot then he passes the ball to his keeper and waits on his own goal line until you put the ball in the net then he discons and then I think great free win but then I join again and its the SAME GUY WITH THE SAME EXACT TEAM, he done this 3 times giving me the win but after each time he discons he has anougher fut draft with the same team he has just lost with??????? the fourth time though what he does is press pause then he runs the ball out of play for my throw in then he un pauses and starts to make a sub, with it still being nill nill in the fourth game, he then discons and a small amount of coins like 200 coin was received from this game but the game didn't count the draft as being played because I was able to play anougher player but lost that game, this YOSHILOLA9 is number 1 in the leaderboard of coins earned from matches AND IF YOU USE YOUR BRAIN AND LOOK HOW MANY LETTER U'S THERE ARE IN ALL THE TOP 100 OF THAT LIST YOULL SEE THERE ARE TOO MANY LETTER U'S AND KNOW THAT THE WHOLE TOP 100 IN THIS GAME AND MORE ARE NOTHING BUT CHEATS I HAVE SPENT ABOUT £1000 ON MY ACCOUNT AND I HAVE OVER 2300 PLAYER AND MY ACCOUNT IS WORTH IN CLUB VALUE OVER 300 MILLION ALL THESE CHEATS HAVE NEAR DOUBLE THE CLUB WORTH I HAVE I WILL NEVER BUY FIFA AGIAN UNLESS IM REFUNDED ALL THIS MONEY 100% WHY THE HELL SHOULD I PAY FOR WHAT YOU LET ALL OTHERS STEAL FOR FREE, EA THIS IS THE END, I KNOW HOW TO GIVE EA BACK CONTROL OF ITS GAME PHONE ME IF YOU WANT TO PAY ME FOR A SOLUTION


  • Gonnie
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    What is stranger is when i compare my matches played with most of the top 20 (coins earned from matches). Look at the wins some of theses guys have got, ie 10th spot on leaderboard game record 0-4632-713. Thats ZERO wins in over 5000 games. Coins earned 2,765,632. Explain that !!!!!!
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