Fancy Buying pobga

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is he that good got kante and cann in midfield already fancy using him as cam is he best one to use or legend have about 550 to get him


  • Crossland
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    Pogba is next level good!
  • Asht1981
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    I hated him sold him after 20 games with the useless brick
  • Shane
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    Crossland wrote: »
    Pogba is next level good!

  • Furrag85
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    Used him or 85 games with hunter. Absolutely hated him. My SBC Payet was a different class, though very different.

    I thought Pogba would excel as a box to box midfielder and add some physicality. While he does the height, his finishing was ❤️❤️❤️❤️, and TOTGS Cavani and Payet's long shots were far more effective. Defensively, he would just float around too, waltzing the pitch. Infuriating.

    80 games, 11 assists, 5 goals. CM in a 4-4-1-1. Person I bought him off had played 500 games and scored 235 with him as a hunter CAM.

    I'm now hoping Effenberg/Vidal will provide better balance than Matuidi or Kante did with Pogba.
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