EA, fix these broken animations

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It seems like every other loss is due to a stupid, broken animation. Either:

-In perfect position to block/intercept a pass or shot and my player splits his legs open like he's going to the gyno, letting the ball right on through. This one absolutely infuriates me.

-Pass the ball right to my player and he stretches out for no apparent reason and pauses for 2 seconds letting the ball be taken off of him.

-Go to clear the ball, and rather than just swing a leg at it, my player pauses for half a second and tries to wind up and gets tackled by the spastic attacker sprinting around.

-Goalkeeper has an easy catch on a pea roller of a shot and instead palms the ball to the 1 player he shouldn't.

-Every single time my player decides to take a touch rather than just clearing or passing or shooting the ball. It happens in every scenario.

-When I throw the ball out with my keeper and rather than take it down, my player decides to launch his chest at the ball and knock it back 10 yards towards a defender. Oh and his chest is apprently made of cement with the way the ball flies off.

Most, if not all, of these you don't have any control over and it's just random whether it's going to ruin your game or your opponent's. Did I miss any?


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