Favourite goalkeepers?

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Recently finished a Career Mode with Ajax and found a hidden gem, really surprised me. Andre Onana, kept him start till finish, been solid in all that time up to the age of 35 and stayed at the 90 rating. I've completed a few Career Modes throughout the series but I have to say he's my new favourite. What's yours? Looking for suggestions who I can use myself in future playthroughs. Cheers :smile:


  • RCS49
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    I'm in my second season and up to now I've used Remy Riou, aged 28, signed him for £4.5m from Nantes, was solid for me but sold him for £8m in the second summer to fund signings, just bought Stefano Kapino from Olympiakos for £4.5m, 23, 76 overall!
  • Mile Svilar is quite decent. He's 16 at the start but eventually he will go up to 83 I think but he's good in all the decisive attributes.
  • NonExistantAI
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    There really isn't much of a difference. I've played 40 rated youth players against Barca and kept clean sheets. I've played 92 rated De Gea against Eibar and conceded 4. All goalkeepers are the same, in fact it's generally worse to get a high quality GK because it ups your squad overall and so you get a bigger handicap.
  • Always have good luck with Andres Moreira. Can be had for around 2 million in first season from A. Madrid, I believe.
  • JobeRogerson
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    Keylor Navas for Real Madrid has been decent for me.
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