Chemistry Styles have ruined the game

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Squad-building had always been one of the most enjoyable aspects of FIFA in my opinion- up until this year. It actually felt rewarding when I built a good, well-balanced hybrid with full chemistry. But now it seems pointless to spend any effort whatsoever in building a squad. The reason being, I don't need to look for a specific type of player anymore, but instead, the player with the best overall stats. Say I want my central midfielder to have high passing and dribbling- someone like Iniesta. I would previously have looked for a similar, perhaps cheaper player- maybe Pastore. But now i'm starting to think, 'Why would I buy Pastore, when I can buy Nainggolan and apply the Artist CS'. This way Nainggolan has greater passing and dribbling- even than Iniesta, but with the additional bonus of 30ish defending and a more balanced overall card. If I was to attempt to make Iniesta more balanced by applying Sentinel, he would still be worse in every [card] stat compared to Artist Nainggolan. Alternatively I could apply the Artist CS to Iniesta; however, I don't really need, nor require 99 dribbling. In addition his in-game dribbling would actually exceed 99, which is another problem. The 99 cap means that theoretically high-rated players value should decrease. This is particularly applicable to defenders and attackers. For instance, it would be moronic to apply an attacking CS to a centre-back as they rarely find themselves in attacking positions. The only real important stats for a centre-back are defending, physical, pace and to a lesser extent passing. Because of this, most people apply the Shadow, Sentinel or Anchor CS to centre-backs. Since the defending boosts are so significant (10 Interceptions, +10 Heading, +15 Marking, +15 Standing Tackle, +15 Sliding Tackle), if I applied Shadow to Varane, he would max-out most of his defensive stats and have over 90 pace. This leads to the question: why pay an extra 450k for Sergio Ramos- for the dribbling? I don't dribble with my defenders. This makes it effectively pointless to buy any centre-back with greater than 85 defending.

There will probably be at least one bright spark who says, 'don't use them then', so i'll answer them now. The fact is, they're in the game. I like to win games of FIFA, so I refuse to put myself at a disadvantage by not using them. And even if I didn't use them, the mere possibility that Aaron Ramsey could be dancing around with the same dribbling as Messi infuriates me.

I hadn't used Chemistry Styles up until this year as I simply couldn't be bothered, but now with the significant boosts, it seems as if you can tailor any high rated player to your needs. You can effectively make an entirely different player by applying these Chemistry Styles. For me, this takes the fun out of squad building in particular. It's why I've reverted back to using one league teams. I know there's enough high rated players to choose from, and if a player has a stat or two that doesn't satisfy my needs, I can just change it. Is anyone else seeing these problems or am I having a psychological war with myself?


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