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I'm building a BPL Team with only one CDM. What you guys think about MATIC? I dont have much coins, so, he is good?


  • BiigDee
    4666 posts Big Money Move
    IF Gonalons is good. Can be linked with a few French prem players
  • Dawud
    16131 posts World Class
    matic is unreal
  • I didn't like Matic tbh... defensively he's a rock, but that transition when you win the ball back, and need to get it forward quickly.. Kante is much better at.

    Depends what you want really... Matic is the guy if you want a pure defensive midfielder who will stop you conceding as many goals... Kante is the guy if you wanna get the ball back asap, and launch the ball forward, and play more direct.

    Other options: Schneiderlin is very solid. Coquelin is okay, lacks some oompf though.

    Cabaye is okay if you like a playmaker, and don't need a destroyer
  • DtGodmage22
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    Sccderlin is like a better de rossi so underatrd
  • T0m
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    Matic or Kante!
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    As much as I love to have a tall aerial defensive threat I find they all fly forward and become a liability. I stick to the fast high high types with Kante being the exception.
  • Viggo 007
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    Just stay away from Kanté, he was bad for me at lone CDM, I swapped him for De Rossi in game and the team was much more solid. He's outstanding in 4231(2) next to someone bigger and stronger like Matic or CM but as a lone CDM he was too small and didn't like him at all there
  • edwinstree
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    Kouyate is great, the guy is a bulldozer.
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