Informs i.e Dembele Eriksen Lalana

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I'd like Dembele and at least one of the others but can't decide when best to bye with xmas bang in the middle of the week how will it affect the price?
I know just bye when your happy etc and I don't think the prices are too bad atm but doesn't mean I want to find them half the price after Christmas so any advice?


  • Philg28
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    I think there will be some big packs between Saturday -Tuesday. Keep an eye out for 50ks 100ks etc as people will buy these and will put more informs into the market resulting in the price dropping a bit. Couldn't tell u how much but I think lallana on Xbox will settle for around 40-50k
  • Slip
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    Can't decide supply/demand which will increase more due to new users from christmas
  • Rumplefish
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    Last week I believe they kept dropping during the weekend, Tevez and Brozovic for example were cheapest on Sunday.
  • Slip
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    Pack offers, new players opening packs they have to drop right? I'll wait till Monday I think
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