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please can anyone help with these error codes

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So I downloaded the game on ps4 on release day...played fine until about a month ago. The game kept crashing with an error code starting CE followed by a bunch of numbers. I tried everything but it kept doing it. Didn't matter whether I was signed into ea servers or offline.

I googled it and got some feedback and dwlted the game updates and re installed etc but same issue. So i totally deleted the downloaded game from my PS4 and purchases the disc version. I had woped everything from ps4 and loaded game via disc. Downloaded update 1.04 and am still getting the same it wouldn't even load past first screen with Reus at the just gave me the same CE error code and crashed.

Dies anyone know what the issue is as I cant play the game at all. I deleted the download version and bought the game again. And it turns out that the downloaded game was not the issue. Its fifa 17 in general on my console. I have even Initialised my ps4 to try and get the game to work. I am currently re downloading game update 1.04 for the 4th time as the disc will start once the download is deleted. But I have no idea why the issue is??? Please anyone shed some.light?
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