IF Tevez a good investment?

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With Tevez on his way to China, it means he will receive no more IFs and i believe his NIF will be removed from packs. So could his IF be a good investment? I could see his price doubling in time as itis a quality card. Yes I've bought 2 for anyone wondering, at around 85k


  • PMN_Obes
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    I bought two yesterday for the same reason. He was a beast CAM for me last year but stats have fizzled a bit with age.
  • Andybelfast
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    Not many use him that's the problem tho.
  • Guillotine_Mack
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    I have him playing behind SIG Higuain and IF Icardi and he's amazing.
    Scored some really great goals as well.
  • SimmoEFC
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    85k is quite a bit for a player in a useless league.
  • LeonidasJB
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    The main problem you'll find is that all IF players are inflated atm. Even the slightly more expensive are holding their value more than usual.
    After FUTmas, there is a chance a lot of IFs will go down a fair bit, especially players from Leagues that are barely used.
  • Stewie26
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    He's amazing.. got him two days ago to play up front next to Higuain and he's bagged 21 goals in 17 games. So strong and amazing free kick. Well worth the coins
  • Runefang
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    Bad investment in my opinion. TOTY crash will hit him badly.
  • Rutta
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    Don't worry, it's safe.
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