IF Vardy

392 posts Sunday League Hero
What is everyone's opinions on him? Is he worth the coins?


  • H_Mus
    597 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Didn't come across him once in WL so I assume not
  • BO0OM
    3727 posts National Call-Up
    Everytime i faced him in the WL he was doing absoluetely nothing but didnt play on my own
  • MoUnited7869
    992 posts Professional
    Bought him half way through WL, so after 20 games.. worst investment man

    20 games, 3 goals, 10 assists, honestly thought he'd do crazy good like his stats...

    Sold him and replaced with Scream Lukaku, gonna try him, if he's no good then IF Walcott
  • bollard80
    1037 posts Professional
    I loved him scored 15 in 7 for me but sold him because he's not worth 360k more then the nif
  • n2j2000
    2503 posts Fans' Favourite
    Ridiculously over priced. Save coins and stick with the NIF.
  • Azablucky
    4192 posts National Call-Up
    Played against him three times this WL. Was so easy to stop as all he can do is run and if you can defend pace which I say is easy as long as you run the way the opponent is then you just have to commit when he is about to take a touch.

    I'd take Ibrahimovic any day.
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