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The commentary has been the same ever since they've introduced Alan Smith to replace Andy Gray, it feels very scripted and hasn't been altered enough over the years and has become to predictable with the scenarios on goal, red cards, yellow cards etc. It's need a good overhaul and I've been saying this along with many others each year before the new Fifa instalment is realeased yet they just add a few new lines and that's it.

The transition from 360 to Xbox One and PS3 to PS4 hasn't been enough in terms of commentary. Plus for about 3 years now Gary Neville and Martin Tyler have now commentated over the important games in the PL, Gary Neville's now ahead of Alan Smith and even if they just introduce Gary Neville that will freshen up the commentary department.

I can't imagine how bad it must be for other leagues with their commentary.


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    Of course it sounds scripted, how else would it work? Theres only so many ways to say the things that happen in a football match. It stale though because Martin Tyler has been the voice for so long. Couldn't stand to hear Neville every match though, that nasal manc voice would drive me insane
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    I like it, just play PES and you will realise how good it is, but I feel it could be improved and it is annoying when the wrong line is read at the wrong moment etc, and Alan Smith needs replacing by Gary Neville asap..
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    I honestly feel it could be much better, the reactions from goals have been the same for years along with red cards and yellows. PES has always been woeful when it comes to commentary tbh, but yeah the wrong lines get read far too often, but also it feels dull and needs to be livened up a lot. Would love to have Gary Neville replace Alan Smith, although Martin Tyler's been there for years, he still adds a bit of enthusiasm whereas Alan Smith's very dull.

    Overall, I feel it should be looked into, not expecting it to be touched any time soon unfortunately.
  • MaestroPirlo21
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    I liked fifa '13 where you could switch to an alternate set of commentators (Clive Tyldsley and Andy Townsend I think?). This really freshened everything up for a while when I figured that out. It would be nice to have multiple options.

    I would absolutely love to hear Ray Hudson do the commentary. He is a legend!
  • MikeM
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    I've said many times that Clive Tyldesley does the best "reading" of any videogame script for a football game - he convinces you he's there watching your game at the stadium. Martin Tyler could do with a bit of a refresh, and I agree about Alan Smith needing to be replaced for Gary Neville.

    Could I also request that they cut out Jeff saying "Until then I've been Jeff Stelling" after every game, I have never heard him sign off a broadcast like that in my life. Also get the co-commentator to read like they're at the stadium, it really kills the illusion if Alan Smith is "supposed to be at Old Trafford" and then says "Manchester United have a great atmosphere there". It should be something like "There's always a good atmosphere here, it's a great stadium"
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