Anyone else really disappointed with these Christmas SBCs?



  • DirtyDishFC
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    I think the squad ratings are a joke. Like tomorrow Dembele will likely need 4 IF's and an 86 rated team. That is like 2 86's 8 85's and another lower one. Obviously one in form can be the lower one but the cost of in forms 84 or higher is gonna be quite high. That will only increase.

    I get their motive and Defoe was easy (I had a IF Malli untradeable so I did it for like 2k). Hopefully the trend is one easy and cheap(ish) and then one medium cost (around 100k) and then an expensive one.

    Though with the 3 on tap for tomorrow, I doubt many people will be pleased with Rashford being the easy one (I assume he would be easy compared to Dembele or especially Modric).

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