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How's Lewandowski working for you?

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Had Scream Müller as my ST in a 4411 for a long time. Really solid but WR work better at CF and his strength was a little problem but no big thing.

What I did... sold Scream Müller bought Lewa and NIF Müller. Müller is working fantastic as CF banging home goals almost every game. First IF aren't really worth the price.

Lewa on the other hand sucks unbelievably hard for me. He's missing so many ±100% chances that Müller and Jonas (In my second team) would bang home 8/10 times. Curved shots from slightly left or right, normal shots to the far post, driven shots if you run straight at the keeper... in all cases 1/4. He's scoring some goals but those are the lucky goals where you don't really know how they happen.

How does he work for you? Any particular kind of shot that you wanna focus on? Just keep on using him... maybe there's some EA fukkup and he needs like 30 games to get going?

Should I just go full sweat and buy auba? Kinda hate him though.
Downgrade back to IF Kalou or Draxler? Hate their workrates though.
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