I just had my first disconnect in 574 games

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And there's something fishy about it. I was playing this guy in WL. He wasn't very good, he had 80 chemistry but he had players like WL Robben WL Kante WL Florenzi WL Defoe IF David Luiz and other expensive IFs. This tells me he must have been finishing at least Elite monthly but most likely top 100 to get such pack luck.
Anyways, I score the winner in the 90th minute and 5 secs later I get my first disconnect in FIFA 17. Get back in and no fitness lost but I got the loss. Something tells me that this guy is doing this to his opponents when losing so he can keep on getting top 100 every month.
Thoughts? Anyone experienced anything similar?


  • Kabege
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    I scored a goal in the 20th min and a couple of min later I got disconnected. Lost connection to EA server bla bla. I got a loss. Is it any idea to contact EA for this? Or will it stay as a Loss in my WL record??
  • Adrian095
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    Both got ddosed somehow
  • joeboy88
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    I bet they were hackers, people with hacked consoles, they can pretty much do what ever they want including cut your WiFi
  • Stular
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    Hacked consoles. Probably coin sellers harvesting.
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    a jailbroken console wont be able to play online though.
    the data still gets sent to sony/microsoft and they would spot it and ban the console.
  • joeboy88
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    But a lot of hackers have like a shield that basically covers their footsteps, an app that they start up before playing the game of their choice. I think they can only be kicked out by constant reporting
  • Whitebeard
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    Same here, never got kicked out before. I was leading and server kicked me out giving me a loss. WTF, how am I supposed to be play in those conditions!?
  • JonRambo
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    Ive had this happen to me at least 5 times, im winning and suddenly it says i have lost connection from the servers. Log back in and get the loss.

    Cant EA determine that we are winning so why would be disconnect ?

    Just normal EA logic. I could go on and on about their logic in this game with how the game plays but i wont.
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