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  • RadioShaq
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    You can go all out attack and raise the pressure and aggression and team pressing. Its going to be hard though because people always want to nerf defense and buff passing so eventually it will get worse.
  • ConductorConte
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    Ulta Attack + Team pressing + careful use of Offside trap and you can will the ball
  • Dado BL
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    A good wipe should do it. One of those flushable wet wipes is perfect
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    make sure not 2 get any bleach on ur tshirt or u'll feel like an ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • pob125
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    rensstyle wrote: »
    i just came against to of the worst players ever, i get 0-1 behind and they just passed it around and there was no way i could get the ball..

    is there a way to counter this way of playing? besides not getting scored on

    dont know the name of the first one but this second guys name was bradliam97 so if you get him leave

    Careful.name and shame is not allowed.id edit your post and remove his name or this will get closed
  • DiFFeRenT_Gr4vY
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    I just had that.
  • pob125
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    You could a left the rest of the post.just removed the name. :D
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