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Oh, FFS! Don't force my Career Pro to retire WHILST PLAYING THE WORLD CUP!

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I've spent a looooot of hours playing a Career mode Pro starting in Brazil in 2016 through to Chelsea in the 2029/30 season, switching from Pro to World Class part way through. In the 2026 World Cup at Pro level we reached the final before the rest of my team forgot how to play (e.g. one of my strikers missing an open half of goal from 2 feet at 45 degrees from the post and the others unable to take ordinary opportunities if their life depended on it. Then there is the world class keeper throwing out directly to to opposition defenders standing right in front of goal...)

Anyway, after 2026 I was really looking forward to having another crack at the World Cup, this time to see if I could cut it at World Class level so I got down to the dozens of hours of play required to get there. 2030 rolled around, and the first 2 World Cup group stage games went well. Then the calendar hit June 30 and end of season...and I got the dreaded "We've heard you're retiring" message in my Inbox which ended my Pro's career right then and there(*).

You have GOT to be freakin' kidding me! What player in their right mind, and at the peak of their lifetime form, would retire in the middle of the World Cup?!

I can live with the many other failings and issues in the game (including the horribly broken mental model that reinterprets button presses made in one context - such as dribbling - several seconds later as entirely different commands in another context, or getting into situations where you're far and away the best player in your club but you barely get selected one game in 4, etc. etc.), but this issue takes the cake as it's so obvious, and so easy to program to avoid.

(*) This was a doubly bitter disappointment as it might have been, as I've previously played a Pro through to forced retirement, but that occurred in 2032 so I was expecting this one to make it through the 2030 World Cup. If I'd known he was going to be killed off I would have not invested all that time on a career that wasn't going to be allowed to make it.

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