Is IF naingolan worth his price

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I have bought IF naingolan but is henreally worth 9x his NIF?


  • Walsgrove
    827 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Try him and let us know ;)
  • Torminator
    1306 posts Professional
    Haha yeah but the urge to sell is killing me. He has risen 150k since 4 days ago
  • Izzy2K17
    11698 posts Has That Special Something
    Probably not, his NIF is already amazing so it's gonna be had to beat
  • GhostHN
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    I would pay max 200k for a card like that with toty midfielders coming soon so.. no
  • tommyh10
    617 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I got him for 448k. I must say he is my favourite player this year! I find him incredible. It all comes down to how much coin you have.

    Good point about him being expensive considering TOTY is around the corner, however I needed him in my hybrid to link SIF Salah and IF Hazard. Dont think any TOTY CM's will fit my team
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