how has it come to this......

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FIFA 17 has lost its way as a football game.

With year after year of tinkering FIFA has now finally got it self completely muddled up with how players should react on a field.

Regardless of tactics in game or beforehand your players simply get themselves caught in two minds. Whether they should check and make a run, move into space, track or hold they seem to want to do all but end up doing the wrong one at wrong time.

I played a few games and rewound phases of play and watched my players movements and it is astonishing how bad and unnatural it can be.

You players can be standing still when they should be following the centre forward or full backs who are on "always overlap" simply stood behind their winger giving no option. I've watched my centre forward drift wide and try and check his man when he should just be making a basic run. You play a triangle with the finally and critical pass being played into space and your centre forward is too busy hugging the centre back rather than Making the required run. This could be aguero or benteke or a Ipswich cf and it makes no difference.

Defensively my players positioning is generally ok but the lacklustre approach to transition play into attack is woeful. I have regularly switched to attack or high pressure but there never seems the intent like the AI high pressure it all just seems a bit unresponsive. You feel the AI would kill to win and sometimes it does become their fall down as you can counter but even that seems a painful slog with high speed maniac AI tugging you back the whole way.

I know and agree with a lot of people on here that randomness of this years difficulty, and player hindering the AI cheating and the lack of invention in the game.

But I feel the real problem is how hard the game is now trying you almost feel like you should be a spectator. I hardly move my players when I'm defending and let the computer do most of the work. The game just seems to have over complicated itself and in fact just made it a lot worse.

I'm really struggling to love this years FIFA as it has just lost its grounding to UT revenue.

You pay 50-70 quid for a game that has become poorer each year.

How do people keep spending extra money on cards to get the same player they had for nearly 5 years it would infuriate me if I finally got the mega card I wanted for it only to be constantly surpassed then for another FIFA release and have to start all over again. ITS INSANE........

people will look back in a few years and think holy **** how much did I spend on that game. I bet people even have **** debt from this ****.

I also think a lot of UT players don't care about the actual game as they are all using the best and same players year in year out. It's seems mad that you have two set of 11 players both having reus messi ronaldo pogba etc etc.

what I am trying to say is UT is actually killing the essence of the game and invention of the EA developers because they know each year people race to get the same best players and play in the same mind numbing unrealistic way to get there. So they think **** it why bother no one cares how the actual game plays.

Roll on FIFA 18
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