SBC Villa Teams

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Just done the SBC for Villa, no idea what team to use him in though. Be good to see what teams people have had success with him? Hopefully there'll be some 4321 or 352 ideas for me


  • coatsy
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    4321 is difficult because Spanish LW/RW are pretty meh. That said, Pedro and Nolito are two decent choices for the LF. On the right, you can stick with Prem (Deulofeu) or go Serie A with Callejon or Work into La Liga with Williams.

    Midfield you can either hybrid up or go full spanish.
  • Alp_2760
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    Villa Costa
    Fabregas Kante Herrera

    Fuchs Kos Smalling Valencia

    Was very good. Villa is quality. Not your preferred formations I know, but gets him into a strong team which has pretty much everything.
  • IF Or SBC Gio then get some IF Serie A players like Insigne..
  • tom00
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    Mine (i made this to use my untradable carrasco):
    Pepe reina

    That's my 2nd team so its pretty cheap

  • OnlyOneNemesis
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    SBC Costa
    SBC Villa
    TOTGS Dembele - Tiago - Busquets - Willian
    Schmelzer - IF Martinez - SBC Gaspar - Danilo
    De Gea

    That's my team I plan on building just for games against friends I guess
  • Izzy2K17
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  • Mtaylor87
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    Love both SBC Jonas and gio - wanted to build a team that I could try villa in aswell so went for this 4 2 2 2 and I love it - stuck a Brazilian manager with MLS league for extra Chem...

    ST - SBC villa SBC Jonas
    CAM - SBC Gio Coutinho
    CDM - alonso MOvember Gustavo
    LB - Sandro
    CB - Naldo IF Sokratis
    RB - piszec
    GK - IF Benaglio

    Left on list is left side - 95 Chem I think so will need to play a few to get it to 100
  • B16Lad
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    I've got a good few untradeables/loan players I'd like to use so I might go with...

    Overmars (20 game loan) - Villa - Williams

    Renato - Thiago - Spanish La Liga CM

    Coentrao - Pepe - Varane - De Marcos/Carvajal


    Once overmars is up I can jig it around with Costa and the Dortmund Portuguese LB
  • CBrueggs15
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    Just made it to D1 with this..

    Costa Villa WIlliams
    Casemiro Thiago Alonso
    Wendell Varane Umtiti Juanfran
    Ter Stegen

    He is on 8 chem but absolutely menacing!
  • Olleman
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    Is he worth getting? :)
  • Frankenberry
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  • B16Lad
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    Olleman wrote: »
    Is he worth getting? :)

    I've not used him yet myself but looking at his stats he's gotta be worth 15-30k that most have had to shell out. Not seen a bad review myself, watched a glowing review of him on futwiz YouTube channel that influenced me into taking the plunge.
  • zzachzx
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    I didn't know how much I wanted this until I saw it now.
  • Fred is Bae
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    Pedro - Villa - Messi
    Fabregas - Casemiro - Modric
    Alba - Umtiti - Varane - IF Roberto

    False 9.

    Such a good team, Villa is on 8 chem which is the best way to use him imo
  • Frankenberry
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    zzachzx wrote: »

    I didn't know how much I wanted this until I saw it now.

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