Just played the same game 4 times in a row

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Right, so I was 6-4 in WL and am now 6-8; just turned off the PS4 and bashed my head of the wall a few dozen times and now I'm going to write this.

The formula for all 4 losses (barring the last one which slightly varied it), was the following:

First 10 minutes: I hold the majority of possession, attack from kick-off and get some early half-chances. My opponent makes a tackles absolutely anywhere in his half, then a pass forward, and suddenly my defensive line pushes up without me doing anything, allowing any player at all to run on and be played in for 1-0. Does not matter who it is, had Rooney outpace Carvajal to score, it's just not preventable.

10th-25th minute: I start attacking again, maybe have some decent chances, his goalkeeper saves everything I throw at him. Eventually I win a corner, play it short, swing it in and it's cleared out to absolutely anyone on his team. My defence is non-existent, he 1-2s, runs down the field, and scores. In all 4 games the 2 goals my opponent's scored were there first 2 shots of the game.

35th-40th minute: It's impossible for me not to score, I slice open his defence easily and his keeper becomes a cabbage, 2-1.

60th-70th minute: I go attacking/ultra-attacking, he gets possession and doesn't even need to fully counter or anything, just shoots from anywhere inside 30 yards and it flies into the top corner. 3-1.

Last 10 minutes: I am at this point on ultra-attacking/all-out-attack, he breaks off corners and scores 1/2/3 more, ends 4/5/6-1, I bite off my testicles and throw them in the sea.

Last game I managed to pull it back to 3-2 in the last few seconds rather than falling further behind, but it otherwise followed this structure. I have no idea what to think of this, just too ridiculous not to say it somewhere. I expect there'll be plenty of helpful comments such as "git gud" and "kys".

The End.
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