Road to SBC Gignac (18/18) - COMPLETE! 8K TOTAL COST!

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Will record how much it costs here, dont mind if he gets a higher rated card or if the NIF is better value for money, i really want one of these SBC cards and for an 86 rated one in a good nation im willing to do it. In regards to the money i get back i'll be keeping all contracts etc so it will be an approximate guess based on what the items i keep would go for if i sold them on the market. Also if anyone is also doing it or has done it if they could post the teams they used here it would be appreciated! :)

Teams Completed: 18/18

America: 7.5k (4.5k back)
Atlas: 11.5k (10.5k back)
Chiapas: 9k (6.5k back)
Cruz Azul: 15k (4k back)
Guadalajara: 5.5k (2.5k back)
Leon: 4k (2.5k back)
Monarcas Morelia: 7.5k (3k back)
Monterrey: 12.5k (8k back)
Necaxa: 7k (2.5k back)
Pachucha: 7k (4.5k back)
Puebla: 6k (2k back)
Queretaro: 5.5k (3.5k back)
Santos Laguna: 8k (4k back)
Tigres: 10k (30k back)
Tijuana: 4.5k (3k back)
Toluca: 4k (2k back)
U.N.A.M: 6.5k (4.5k back)
Veracruz: 5.5k (8k back)

Total cost = 30.5k+22.5k reward = 8k net

what a bargain!

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