In the middle of WL... Please help

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Can't start a game. I can get into FUT, transfer market etc. but when trying to start a game I get this message:

"This profile doesn't have the correct permissions to access this feature".

My Xbox live should be renewed the 12th and I've just updated my credit card details on consolse. Worked fine last night.


  • Diego19
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    Happend to me when i didnt have live, check so its really renewed
  • Scholesyy
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    Diego19 wrote: »
    Happend to me when i didnt have live, check so its really renewed

    Yeah well I thought so too. But on my Microsoft account it says that my current live lasts until the 12th. So I can't buy or activate a new subscription on live since this one hasn't ended. Can I chech in any other way that my Live has expired?
  • DoD_Jester
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    Any chance youve been banned from xbl? Sent any rage messages lately?

    Not saying youre a douche or anything,,just that it's another possible explanation
  • '96dc2
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    Log out of Xbox live and log in again.
  • Benjog88
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    Have you tried any other games or is it just FIFA
  • Scholesyy
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    No @CAG_Villain don't send them, only receive them every now and then ;)

    Problem solved lads, thanks for the help. Like @Diego19 said it had something to do with my live. Stopped my subscription of live and bought a code instead and activated. Working now.

    Just weird that it said that Xbox Live will expire on Monday but by the looks of it stopped working today.
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    I had this type of problem as well previously even when my xbox live had like 5 days left on free monthly trial. It worked when I added a full year of xbox live membership. Weird
  • iflynno
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    Just log out your profile and back in. Works everytime for me.
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