I'm so sick of getting fouled

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I don't know if it's just me, but I get absolutely battered every game. I'm constantly getting pushed, pulled, taken down, slid through, and just smashed with hardly any calls being made. I get that the game is physical in real life and I do want it to be that way in this game, but the many broken animations make that impossible to implement without too many problems. I especially love it when my player gets barged nearly over in the box on an easy chance and rather than fall to take the easy pen, he maintains his balance so that he can lose the ball.

The lack of calls combined with a broken tackling system is what allows players to run around like idiots with Kante/Sanches just slamming players all game. Is this something we could see being tweaked in a future patch?


  • YouWantUsFC
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    Seems that the rule book is not being considered this year. Couldn't agree more. Obstruction, barging then getting ball, or even just blocking so we cant run all happen every game. Annoyingly, the ref then blows for a foul or gives them a pen for nothing.
  • DareToDoolan
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    Players just spam the rushing standing foul button,
    Idea : take an extra touch before playing the ball, welcome the foul/yellow card. Games is alot easier v 10 men.
  • RandomLhama83
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    I agree, I got fouled in my last game, my player was on the floor waving his hands at ref in the animation wheres the foul?? it lead to a counter attack and my team getting scored on. It is what it is, if it happened once in a while ok, but its happening way too much.
  • Pogba
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    I get fouled about 10 times with slide tackles some from behind and they don't get card but as soon as I miss time a standing tackle once bam I get a yellow. It does get annoying especially when my opponent should clearly get reds some of the times.
  • tikitaka33
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    Fouls are just so poorly programmed this year, I hope they patch it.
  • S P 4 C E Y
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    It seems that even slide tackles off the ball don't warrant a foul at times. It really is mind blowing how poor the foul system is
  • dopetothemax
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    Nice to see everyone agrees with me. Last year, the slide tackles and fouls were really broken and I was hoping it would be different this year and it sucks that it's just more BS.
  • Dexx73
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    As in real life some referees are worse than others,it also applies in this game. I find that if you hold or even tap L2 just as you're about to be tackled,u will get the free kick more times than not.
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    The op sliding tackles are bad enough, but the blatant shirt pulling which always goes unpunished is ridiculous.
  • YouWantUsFC
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    It seems that pens are dished out for careless contact, for example, going toward a player before pressing slide or standing tackle and carelessly making body contact so they go down. However this doesn't get given outside the box. Players who use excessive force or are reckless when barging, shoving, shirt pulling etc. get away with it 9 times out of ten outside the box. Easy to say it is what it is, but the weekend league is a great way to get packs and sometimes one goal is the difference between qualification and not. That one goal has been a careless pen for me 2 or 3 times. Have tried for the last 3 weeks to qualify, still haven't qualified. Contacted EA about the issues with it again, but reported a couple of bugs too, so hopefully will actually get a proper response.
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