If Theres a problem with your pro DELETE ONLINE PRO 1 save you will not lose your stats or xp!!!!!!!

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I see so many people in these forums with very easy to fix problems like missing skill points not gaining skill points, rating not going up etc. Just delete your Online pro 1 save and it will fix any problem with your pro and even better you get passive traits if fifa 16 is uninstalled or if you still play that **** game delete your online pro 1 save on fifa 16 before you delete your online pro 1 save on fifa 17 so your pro doesn't carry over. As thats mostly the reason why your pro is bugged, fifa 16 carry over pros or riddled with glitches and you cant do simple stuff like LB+B free kicks with them (power freekick).

If any of you guys are stupid enough to think deleting that file will reset you pro to a day 1 pro think again as if that file had your stats and xp on it modders would be running round with 99+ in every stat. All what it does is reset your face and name thats it but it will fix every problem that will occur with your pro and your stats and xp are saved server side. More info read here on steps how to find the save (online pro 1) https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/185182/all-passive-traits-which-includes-power-free-kick-fix-missing-skill-points-and-higher-rating-fix

BUT if you have done the 48 skill point glitch it will revert you back to 24 which is the cap.
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