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Liga NOS advice

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Hey guys, hope your weekend league went well!

I'm making up my mind about next week. The requirement is 3 nationalities max. per team. I already have a Bundesliga/BPL Hybrid.

Thinking about a German/Brazilian/Portugese Bundesliga - Liga NOS hybrid as my second team.

I know the Bundesliga pretty well. Question is how do the NOS players perform?

Jonas, Andre Andre and IF/NIF Pizzi look pretty decent for example.

Need like 5 new players. 50k max.

Can somebody point out some gems?

If anybody fancies a private squad building challenge I'll post a photo of the players I already own.



  • exzoo
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  • PizziPizza
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    Brahimi is great, so is Danilo (the brazillian one).
    Both Semedo's are really solid IG and Layun is one of the best full backs this year, especially his IF.
  • MisterJV
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    IF Pizzi.....is a god at CF
  • MrBertuzzi
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    Damn, Layun looks fine. Mexican unfortunately. Maybe as a sub...

    Brahimi doesn't work for me either... The Semedos look good and IF Pizzi is definetly on the list.

    How about Andre Andre? His stats and work rates look outstanding. Any in game experience?
  • PizziPizza
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    Andre Andre does the job just fine. His shot outside the box is meh tho
  • TheKoboltti
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    Andre Andre is decent but I like Adrien Silva a lot more. I have both in my midfield and Silva is better of those two in my opinion.

    Edit: I also have to say that I don't play in WL so I don't know if the lack of pace of Silva is a too bad thing. Andre Andre is more of a box to box player and Adrien Silva is the playmaker type.
  • MrBertuzzi
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    That's a though one...

    That's what I'll try out during the week. In a 442 formation everyone is at 10 chem. only Naldo and Leno at 8... not sure if that's okay for me. Could use another RB at 8 chem. and IF Süle besides Naldo to get them on 10. Gonna try things out.

    I'll try the Semedos too... they should be at discard price but I'm not sure if they're good enough for the weekend sweatfest.

    For the CM besides Sanches I'll try Danilo, Andre Andre and Pereira who looks fkn savage.

    Any suggestions or thoughts?

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