How to upgrade this squad.

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I switch to 41212-2 in game and have Nedved as the CAM, best and Griez up top. Kante CDM and Vidal and Pogba CM.

Vidal doesn't really seem to do much in the middle, would renato sanches be better do you think? Also I like Nedved but don't know if there's any other LW legends I could replace with to play as a CAM. Thanks.



  • suraj_1
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    On the forum made ask there bro and what console are you on the discussion is called squad building it's not the announcement ordm me
  • Keano
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    Sanches is a beast so I would say give him a try, but Vidal may do more for you than you think (off the ball like marking, positioning etc). Most of the Lm/Lw'ers you could use, I've heard Giggs is fantastic at cm, so i'd assume the same for cam & Overmars looks like he'd be a great fit for cam as well.
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