5-2-3 (2) variant

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What do we think about EA possibly bringing back the old 5-2-3 as a 5-2-3 (2) variant? For me, playing 5 ATB isn't about being defensive, the best part of the formation is the wing backs for attacking. They provide extra width and they have loads of space to run into.

The problem with the current 5-2-3 is that despite setting the wingers instructions to cut inside, they still take up space in wide positions and stop your wing backs from making overlapping runs. The old 5-2-3 with right and left forwards as opposed to wingers meant there was a permanent space for your wing backs to run into. The other advantage of using right and left forwards is that it shortens the passing distance between the front three meaning you can manoeuvre the ball much more quickly if you wanted to benefiting your striker greatly as he is less isolated.

I'll probably get a load of hate for just mentioning 5 ATB but i can't help growing up watching Roberto Carlos and Cafu storm down the wings from deep scoring and assisting goals. Scoring a goal with (insert name of very quick striker) gets very boring, there's no greater satisfaction for me than seeing my wing back pop up at the back post and bury a shot or header.

P.S. I've tried playing 3-4-2-1 but you are far too open in the wide areas unless you play really defensively which isn't my style. It's funny that the same people that moan at you for playing 5 ATB are the same ones that also play really defensively against 3 ATB and just wait for counter attacks.
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