They should adjust the tackling a bit

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I feel like some of the problems of relying on the AI to do the defending could be fixed if they made the standing and sliding tackle ratings actually mean something. Musa, for example, has 28 (!) standing tackle but you wouldn't know it by the way he tracks back and takes the ball off of anyone's feet. That makes no sense. Is there even a purpose for this rating? I bet Auba would make a killer CM making all kinds of tackles. If people couldn't make tackles with their attackers so easily, they would have to control an actual defensive player.


  • Bigbody12341
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    Exactly seems like strikers have insane tackling. Not suprised tho

  • DtGodmage22
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    Something thats pissed me off and cost me tons of games
  • dopetothemax
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    And it's not just bog standard tackles either. They'll come from behind and wrap their leg around backwards perfectly to just knock the ball away from a shielding midfielder. It should be a foul 100% of the time a striker attempts a tackle from behind. They should never win the ball. Broken game man
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