The best FIFA soundtracks

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List 'em here.

Personal favorites and others over the years:

FIFA 98 - Blur - Song 2; a classic, encapsulates the 90s. The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive. A great tune, probably their best too.

FIFA 99 - God Within - Raincry; amazing ambient trance tune, ahead of its time (rest in peace Scott).
Then of course the catchy plague in Fat Boy Slim - Rockafella skank.
Lastly, DanMass - Gotta Learn. Never made it big as Massive Attack dominated the genre. I'd argue the song would break through if released today.

FIFA 2000 - nothing to see here.
FIFA 2001 - the only real tune here Moby - Bodyrock, from '99; better late than never i guess...

FIFA 2002 - OK. So first off, whoever trance lover EA hired that year who was in charge of the soundtracks, a personal THANK YOU.

We have:
Schiller - Das Glockenspiel, remixed by Tiesto; trance perfection. The original is amazing as well, especially the orchestra version.
Gouryella - Tenshi; Again Tiesto here, in collab with Ferry Corsten.
Conjure one - Redemption (Max Graham's Dead Sea Mix); a great, complex trance tune.
The Edison Factor - Repeat The Sequence. Cool, fresh, upbeat. Saw baseline dominates this song.
Finally the best for last; Tiesto - Flight 643. A trance classic.

FIFA 2003 - Rather poor selection that year, with that said, on the upside Safri Duo - Played A-Live; (they really know their bongo ;>) was included and also the catchy (and annoying?) Antiloop - In my mind. Avril Lavigne - Complicated; yeahhh no. She was all over the MTV at the time and the memories of me doing homework on diff equations + hearing that on TV = nuh uh.

FIFA 2004 - OK. So obviously; The Ceasars - ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it out. One hit wonder. Tiesto ft. Kane - Rain down on me. Great dance tune. But there was also one gem that year, anyone? Paul van dyk - Nothing but you.

FIFA 2005 - No idea, game was ❤️❤️❤️❤️, played PES.
FIFA 2006 - No idea, game was ❤️❤️❤️❤️, played PES.
FIFA 2007 - No idea, game was ❤️❤️❤️❤️, played PES.
FIFA 2008 - Poor selection. Peter Bjorn and John - Young folks; stood out though.

FIFA 2009 - OK. Only 2 real songs here, HOWEVER. This FIFA is defined by MGMT - Kids. Whenever i hear that tune, i think of FIFA 09. Brilliant song (and brilliant game). The Script - The end where I begin; another great song, still cry to it sometimes.
FIFA 2010 - Below average. I did like the catchy upbeat Metric - Gold guns girls. Adiam Dymott "Miss you" was decent as well. Game was at its peak here.

FIFA 2011 - Good selection overall. I really liked the oddball CARIBOU - Odessa. Volatile, haunting, melancholic. Still getting the chills.
Groove Armada - Paper romance; cool!
Massive Attack - Splitting the atom. Amazing tune. Best served after a few strong beverages and a joint.

Honorable mentions for Chromeo - Don't turn the lights on; for catchy chorus and creepy as hell video.

FIFA 2012 - nothing to see here.
FIFA 2013 - Madeon - Finale; probably the best piece on the DVD. But i feel like Youngblood Hawke - 'We come running; defined this FIFA other than LB+Ý lofted balls (the sound, the sound, the sound, when we come runnin...)

FIFA 2014 - One of the best selections allround. John Newman - Love Me Again. Cool song! Empire Of The Sun - Alive. Didn't really fancy this one, however i felt like this one was always coming up on the playlist >_<. Same goes for Smallpools - Dreaming.
Nine Inch Nails - Copy of a; A real oddball (its NIN!) best soundtrack for me that year.

FIFA 2015 - Below average selection that year. The Ting Tings - Super Critical; detested this one. It was always coming up on the playlist ;(
Avicii - The nights; the uncontested winner really.

FIFA 2016 - Some solid tracks here, BANNERS - Shine a light; Kaleo - Way down we go. But one song defined this installment for me - Parade Of Lights - Feeling electric.
Best however was the tropical house tune, Kygo - ID.

FIFA 2017 - Aka FIFA PTB. Okay. Can this song stop coming up on my skill games sessions?! ->>> Lola Coca - Love songs. Yeah we get it you got dumped, get over it ugh.
Kygo ft. Kodaline - Raging; completely carries this year.


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