Elite card prices on the rise???????????

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I'm so confused.

Every year after black Friday the value of the elite cards continuously drops off the charts.

This year they are suddenly going up across the board.

What am I missing?

What are you theories on why this is happening?

examples: on Nov 23

Pogba was 425 k and now he is 580 k
Vidal was 131k and now he is 175 k
Suarez was 432 k and is now 566 K

what are your thoughts???


  • ScarUK
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    Nov 23 was a couple of days after the peak of the crash hype, we're on Friday (peak time) give it a few weeks and it'll be back to normal.

    The Winchester awaits you in the meantime if you didn't invest
  • semia172
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    More coins coming from the wl, everybody wants to win a much as possible and goes for the big names
  • Quinn87
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    There are so many more coins on the market this year, WL for starters is pumping 100's of millions into the game every week.

    Also everyone is quickennelling their Movember cards, which generate an extra 10k each, that's billions of coins all hitting the market over the past week.
  • illinifan
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    WL will keep prices from dropping very much if they do, I've just come to accept it and will buy when I feel like prices are reasonable given the current state of the market.
  • Doc_Brankijam
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    The Problem is the amount of coins pumped into the market. And its getting worse every. I think the sbcs probably would be a smart move too burn peoples coins but there need to more of them. Like noone needs a 6 week sbc for one league
  • Knienjo
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    As long as there are league SBC's, POTM, MM's prices will stay high. Only rumours about it gets prices higher.
    People investing in players for future sbs's, so there's almost anytime demand for a lot of players. Which keeps prices high.
  • JoeyBellinger
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    Check vidals price again mate
  • Joeyalltheseven
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    What everyone said and also feels like pack weight isn't great for elite players
  • OZero
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    It is both demand and supply shock. Check out the availability of those elite players. Pack weight has serious problems this year.
  • jrspc
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    I think that EA is more closely monitoring prices and purposely choosing SBC's that will maintain the pricing structure or patterns that they desire.
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