is any point in sniping

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there has to be bots or something ive being trying for 10minutes and not one player


  • ScarUK
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    Depends who you're looking for. I have best luck getting 40-50k players for 10-15k when I cba
  • Ryaanlewiis9
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    I try 6k special cards and list for 9-14k often sell due to the lack of silver IFs
  • yeh there are bots, i sold a douglas costa for like 2k under price once and as soon as i hit that sell button i got the coins instantly.
  • SuperRob
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    If you are sniping then you can be sure someone else in the world is doing the same thing, so any underpriced player will get insta sold. Just have to be lucky that you get the player the exact second it gets released on the market.
  • Joeyalltheseven
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    I snipe and I'm seeing player gone while it still says 1 hour.
  • TheMightyBee
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    Think how many are sniping when a new SBC comes out, you are competing with so many.
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